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Nutrition for Rescued Dogs – Evanger’s Review

Dear Evanger’s

I adopted a dog from a rural Georgia animal shelter on her last day before being euthanized. For whatever reason, she captured my heart. The woman at the shelter said that she was very sick and her chances of recovering were not promising. She had heartworm, tapeworm, and hookworm in addition to being severely malnourished. Her ideal weight is 25 pounds, and, at that time, she weighed 12 pounds.  When I brought her to my vet, he said that she was too weak to begin the heartworm treatment. He suggested that I feed her a very high quality food and to come back in two weeks to see if she had put on enough weight and had to strength to undergo the treatment. After trying a number of expensive foods I had not found anything that she would eat. I suspect that she felt so sick that she just couldn’t build up an appetite.  Finally, a friend recommended Evanger’s. I bought Evanger’s Hunk of Beef, Whole Chicken Thighs, Super Premium Beef Dinner, Super Premium Duck and Sweet Potato, and Hand-Packed Whole Sardines.  Mandy loved the food, and when I brought her back to the vet two weeks later, he was amazed at the improvements she showed. Her coat had been flat and brittle just two weeks prior, and now it was smooth and silky.  She was able to start the heartworm treatment that day. Today, I am happy to report that Mandy is healthy and happy, and she still eats Evanger’s daily. I use the Meat-Lover’s Medley with Rabbit and rotate different cans. I especially like the small single-protein cans (rabbit, duck, buffalo, pheasant), as I know that that is the only thing in the can. Evanger’s has improved the health and overall quality of life for my dogs, and I am grateful that there is a local, high-quality pet food company out there that genuinely cares for pets and wants to give them the best nutrition possible. Also, I have a cat with urinary tract and weight issues, and I have tried every cat food out there. He is extremely picky, but he loves Evanger’s Beef Tips and the Seafood and Caviar. The pieces of beef in the Beef Tips is real meat!  In other chunky cat foods I have tried, the pieces of meat are processed and made to look like whole pieces of meat. This food is the real deal!  He now refuses to eat any food besides Evanger’s. I was so impressed that I took the time to call Evanger’s office and I got to speak directly to the owner. She even sent me a free case of food. This company should be the model by which other pet food companies set their standards. Thanks Evanger’s!

-Tim S., Chicago, IL pet parent

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