Evanger's Nutrition Guide for your Beloved Pet

Ferret Nutrition

Often mistaken for rodents, nocturnal ferrets are obligate carnivores that are members of the weasel family. Like cats, they can’t survive without meat in their diet. With a high metabolism and short digestive track, ferrets pass food through their systems quickly. It’s best to feed them 8-10 small meals daily that are high in animal protein, high in fat and low in fiber.

Ferrets also lack the ability to derive nutrition from plant matter. Grocery store cat food and dog food are not adequate. Ferrets thrive best on meat-based foods made specifically for ferrets such as Evanger’s chicken, beef and turkey ferret foods.

A quality ferret food must be:

  • High in energy
  • High in protein
  • Low in fiber
  • Highly palatable

When selecting a ferret food, look for those with meat or eggs making up the first few ingredients. Avoid foods that do not contain high quality proteins or fats as at least most of the first six ingredients. Also beware of corn gluten, soy meal, rice gluten and other vegetable- or grain-based proteins. While they may boost the protein content, they aren’t useful to ferrets. And watch for added sugars (sucrose, fructose and corn syrup).

Formulated with palatability as well as nutritional balance in mind, Evanger’s Maximum Turkey, Chicken and Beef for Ferrets use the same human-grade, USA-sourced ingredients as those featured in our trusted lines of dog foods and cat foods. Other dry ferret foods on the market typically contain less protein and fat than Evanger’s for Ferrets. Evanger’s protein is entirely meat-based with added taurine. Evanger’s Food for Ferrets does not contain grains, fillers, wheat, soy or added carbohydrates that ferrets can’t process.

Ferrets often imprint on their first food after weaning. That trait makes it crucial to provide a food like Evanger’s for Ferrets that meet its nutritional demands. While the average lifespan of a domesticated ferret is five years, they can survive up to 20 years with the correct diet. Evanger’s is dedicated to improving the health and vitality of ferrets by providing a dietary option that truly meets the unique needs of these carnivorous critters…with outstanding quality and flavor!