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When pet allergies are not caused by food

Did you know that food allergies are among the least common type of allergy in pets? That’s why it’s important to consider all possible allergens when pets suddenly exhibit signs of allergy such as itching. Especially when the change occurs during a seasonal transition, consider that an itchy pet may be suffering from allergies other than food allergies.

Flea allergies are among the most common pet allergies in itchy dogs and cats. A protein in flea saliva can easily trigger an intense allergic response. It only takes one flea bite to trigger this allergic response.

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Pet allergies are not always caused by food. Consider environmental causes before changing diets. Photo: Ed Luehrmann

Atopy, or inhalant allergies, are the second most common cause of itchy skin in pets. Just as humans can get itchy watery eyes during seasonal changes, pets can also have itchy eyes, itchy paws and itchy skin. These types of allergies can progressively worsen after each seasonal change until your pet is truly an itchy mess. Consider allergy testing to help identify environmental causes of allergy symptoms.

If allergies do persist throughout seasonal changes, it may be time to try an elimination diet, a change in protein sources, or a limited ingredient diet to help identify the cause of the allergy symptoms.


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